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Testimonial For MEDIUMSHIP

When my father died in 2016, I felt as if my very foundation had been pulled out from under me. I was also surprised by the level of depression I experienced. Work helped me cope to an extent, but when I met Diane Burton in October 2018, I immediately booked an appointment.
A pumpkin—a jack-o’-lantern—was the first image she received. She had no idea what it signified, but I sure did. My father was a Halloween baby, so I knew she had Pop on the line!
She provided specific names, such as the name of my father’s co-worker and friend for over 50 years. She also gave names of people from my old neighborhood in Virginia. Yes. It was Pop, no doubt, and he had some serious advice for me. His sense of humor came through, as well.
Afterward, I explained the jack-o’-lantern to Diane, what it symbolized and the significance Halloween plays in my family.
The session with her was all I hoped for and more! It gave me peace and comfort, and it removed the weight of depression I had carried for over two years. I knew my father was with me and we were connected.

Diane is a very talented medium.
–Valerie W.

Testimonial For Spiritual Development

Diane shines as a beacon of unconditional love and healing light.  

My sessions with Diane have been truly transformative — her presence alone reignites a re-remembering to return and realign with my Higher Self. I’m soul-thankful to know her and have this remarkable spiritual counselor in my life! 

Diane is exceptionally talented at holding compassionate, high-vibrational space. I always feel instantly welcomed, lovingly seen and deeply heard by Diane, and the insights and revelations revealed in our sessions continue to shift and elevate how I meet and work with the currents of my day-to-day life. 

Diane has guided me in journaling with a past life self,  and because of Diane’s skilled and intuitive instruction, I was able to connect and receive the information I needed to heal a past life trauma and integrate these lessons into my present-moment journey. It was a transformative experience, and one made possible by Diane’s present-moment awareness, exquisite facilitation and her spirited gifts. 

Diane also easily tunes in and listens about everyday decisions and embodying spiritual practices, like the significance of walking the spiritual path of divine neutrality, which has brought healing and clarification into my everyday choices and responses. She has a great background in improv, which brings streams of lightheartedness into her mediumship and inspires how she counsels others to be present and have fun! 

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Diane — from soulmates to receiving counsel on living a high-vibration life, she’s a generous, genuine and joyous healer who re-centers you in living in your Truth (and as Diane so wisely says, your Truth with a capital T!).   

M. K. in Kentucky

Hi! I’ve been wanting to email you and tell you that I’ve taken a 180 shift since our talk earlier this week. I’ve been jumping into class and practice with wild abandon again, and it feels SO good! 

I think the most important thing you reminded me about was that my fears, worries and general confusion were all coming from ego (an ego hijacking, as it were). I had completely separated myself from my higher mind and my spirit team. It’s so strange when that happens, stranger still to step away from it and seeing that separation, those fears, in hindsight. I liken it to escaping a cult, looking back at it and thinking ‘I really believed all that nonsense?’

Thanks for sharing Stuart Wilde’s wise words. This makes a lot of sense–turning someone else’s belief into our truth. It’s silly, really, but we do it all the time. 

A. in Oregon