My Story

One evening, near Palm Springs, in a house provided to us for a year to write a screenplay, my husband and I were watching TV after a long day of working on the script.  All of a sudden the fragrance of roses surrounded me.  There are no roses in the yard.  Then a vision with my third eye (sixth chakra) of an angel food cake.  Whaaat???   

I asked my husband the date.  

January fifteenth.  

I looked in my journal and checked some family records.  Today was my Popo’s birthday! (paternal grandfather)  And it was my Bobo’s (maternal grandmother) anniversary for crossing over to the Other Side.  Both events happened on the same day but very different years.

This was amazing! The fragrance of roses represented my grandmother’s crossing over and the cake was a symbol for my grandfather’s birthday.  My sweet grandmother made an angel food cake (from scratch) for everybody’s birthday!  

What had started as a quiet evening turned into something truly mystical.

I knew that this special moment was a sign from my family on the Other Side that it was time for me to start taking classes on how to be a Medium.  It was time to use my gift to help others realize death is an illusion and that we exist on a different plane, dimension, when we leave this earth. Some people call it heaven.      

Our loved ones can communicate with us from the Other Side.  And remember, you don’t always need a Medium.  Look for the signs around you everyday!  Feathers, coins, lights blinking, a song on the radio that makes us think of them.  Our loved ones are always letting us know they see us, they hear us and love us.  Love never dies.  Talk to them… they hear you!